The Vortex Talisman
The Vortex Talisman
The Vortex Talisman

The Vortex Talisman

Alchemy by Leeor Alexandra
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Part of our new collection, The Vortex Talisman, is an instrument for tuning and raising one’s vibration.


The front of the talisman depicts the ancient and mystical Flower of Life pattern known to raise vibrations and enhance the life-force energy of all living beings within its presence. The words “Expand Your Consciousness” are etched on the back of the talisman to remind the wearer of their purpose in pursuing spiritual development amidst the collective awakening occurring on our planet. This is Aaron’s slogan, which after years on YouTube, has been imbued with the collective positive energy of millions. 


Beneath the mantra is the official Tribe Vortex symbol, which carries the energy of the high-vibe community. Combined, this amulet works as a tether to spiritual practitioners across the globe and all who have come before you. Rep your high-vibe Tribe Vortex with The Vortex Talisman.


Purpose: Enhances life-force energy, raises vibrations, attunes to the frequency of nature, stabilizes surrounding energy fields, assists with the collective awakening of the planet and those around you.

Our Amulets are handcrafted in Los Angeles from high-quality .925 Sterling silver and dipped in 18k gold, free of harmful substances like nickel and other corrosion-resistant chemicals typically used in jewelry. In addition, every amulet will arrive with its matching Amulet Chain; an 18-inch for Original Amulets and 16 inches for the Minis.

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