The Guardian Amulet
The Guardian Amulet
The Guardian Amulet

The Guardian Amulet

Alchemy by Leeor Alexandra
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A handmade amulet, known as a “segula” – a protective and benevolent Kabbalistic charm. A segula is a charm that supersedes logic and is an instrument used for miracles. Segulas are worn to help anything and everything – from promoting prosperity to protection against the evil eye and so much more.


The front of this amulet features the Hebrew letters ‘אלד,’ three letters of the 72 sacred Kabbalah words that create a divine force field that wards off negative energy and ill intentions. This code protects against the Evil Eye and any negative energy. In addition, the back of the Amulet has a prayer that means: “THE DIVINE PROTECTS ME.”


Purpose: Creates a forcefield around the wearer that negates ill intentions. It diffuses unwanted manifestations and transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Disrupts the momentum of negative thoughts. Increases the potency of prayer and cleanses one of the negative karmic afflictions.

Our Amulets are handcrafted in Los Angeles from high-quality .925 Sterling silver and dipped in 18k gold, free of harmful substances like nickel and other corrosion-resistant chemicals typically used in jewelry. 

In addition, every amulet will arrive with its matching Amulet Chain; an 18-inch for Original Amulets and 16 inches for the Minis.

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