Vortex Tribe Talisman Activation

Aaron Doughty is a light-worker dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet. Having connected with over a million people across the globe, his mission of helping people fulfill their dreams and awaken to their own infinite power has gained more momentum than ever before!

Aaron created this activating design to initiate members of his worldwide family and connect the Tribe Vortex's energy to a physical talisman. The front of the talisman depicts the ancient and mystical Flower of Life pattern known to raise vibrations and enhance the life-force energy of all living beings within its presence.

The words “Expand Your Consciousness” are etched on the back of the talisman to remind the wearer of their purpose in pursuing spiritual development amidst the collective awakening occurring on our planet. This is Aaron’s slogan, which after years on YouTube, has been imbued with the collective positive energy of millions.

Beneath the mantra is the official Tribe Vortex symbol, which carries the energy of the high-vibe community. Combined, this amulet works as a tether to spiritual practitioners across the globe and all who have come before you. Rep your high-vibe Tribe Vortex with The Vortex Talisman.