There are so many things going on lately that have captured the interest of the masses. Of course, this is nothing new. People have always been easily distracted by whatever new story is cycled by the media.

Whether it be celebrity legal matters, wars in foreign countries, or the ever-changing hands of politics, we always find our faces glued to our phones, waiting for the next big story to drop.

Staying current is a difficult temptation to resist. We are inclined, as thinking beings, to indulge and digest every bit of information that is available to us. Who knows what piece of information we might miss that could aid our survival in some obscure way if we were to step away from Twitter for just a moment?

Consuming information is similar to eating potato chips in that it hijacks our reward systems. We live under an illusion of improvement by learning about what is currently trending as if we are getting closer to the truth somehow.

But the truth is, Alchemist, there is no limit to how much you can learn. And the fear of missing out on current trends limits you from seeing what is truly taking place in the here and now.

Yes, it may seem as if you are out of the loop by not opening the news feed but ask yourself, is your lived and present experience changed by knowing what is happening in the world? The fear of not being a part of the collective is only a problem when one has truly disconnected from reality and entered into a world of the imagined.

Alchemist, once we understand and accept that true bliss can only unfold in a silent mind, during moments where we are entirely actualized in conscious activity, we can free ourselves of being news feed dependent.

Go out and live in the real world, as the creator intended.
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