In this maze-like journey toward self-actualization, we may occasionally find ourselves getting in our own way. Like a song stuck in our heads, we cannot break free from life's rhythms that guide our steps. To truly break free, we must change our being at an energetic level, disintegrating limiting beliefs and accepting paradigm-shifting truths about the nature of the universe.

Along the path, our wisdom ignites, and we are given the ability to see clearly. But without knowing our true identity, we are susceptible to the pitfalls of the ego. A particular trap can ensnare us when we're not careful, Alchemist. When the mind becomes open to the omens of the world, we gain the ability to understand the ebb and flow of life.

However, it can come at the cost of not being able to see ourselves within the signs and symbols. To know and understand that we are the image in the crystal ball. Alchemist, remember, the universe responds to your mental and emotional state!

If you are unconsciously paranoid or pessimistic, the universe will reflect that back at you. Likewise, if you are optimistic and full of joy, the world and all its pleasantries will be open for you. It's understandable to be blind to this truth. Without knowing that you are neither the body nor the mind but, in fact, the silent observer that communes with creation, it becomes difficult to recognize yourself in all that happens.

Much of the work done in mediation is to awaken this understanding, which frees us from the ego and enables unlimited bliss. If you know in your heart that you are more than your physical body or mind, you can see this world as more than your final destination. Instead, you can view this dimension as a blank canvas on which to create a life you wish to experience.

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🕉 I am so excited to create the life of my dreams from a white page, because I can.


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