Within many spiritual circles, the time between 3:00 am to 3:30 am are thought to be highly energetic.

During this time, the border between the spiritual world and the physical one is at its thinnest and connection to higher realms and spirits can be clearly felt.

It is for this reason that many people often wake up at these exact hours. Some even report seeing 3:33 on the clock the second they open their eyes!

If something similar has been happening to you, know that it is a sure sign of a profound spiritual awakening taking place in your life. You are steadily becoming more attuned to the natural cycles of the world.

In time, the slightest change in the energetic frequency around you will become apparent. Even the phases of the moon will enter your field of energetic insight. You may begin to feel an urge to meditate or even isolate due to the overwhelming emotions you will feel from external sources.

Those undergoing similar experiences also report being able to see auras glowing lightly around their bodies and other people, and even being able to distinguish them apart. This is a part of a spiritual expansion process where the true nature of consciousness is revealed via the third eye.

It is also important to pay close attention to our dreams during these periods of spiritual alignment. They may reveal to you the cause of your awakening, and bring insight in to what will be the next step on your journey.

While in the midst of our busy lives, we seldom take moments to acknowledge the presence of spirit; to appreciate how incredible the mystery of existence is and what our place is in it.

With the coming of a new age, more people will experience this form of awakening until we all collectively regain awareness of our non-physical senses.

Do not be afraid, Alchemist. We are all making our way back to where we started and uncovering the treasure that was right before us.
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