It's alluring, isn't it - the sights and sounds of the third dimension? To be entirely thrust into this experience of being alive, to find love, create memories, and pursue our passions; what a great life it is!
Yet it never seems to fail, that the moment we begin to take our lives seriously and fall too deeply into this dream we've weaved for ourselves, that the colorful sparks of our muses start to fade and the flame of our desires burn us by mistake.
How silly, we would think, to see children playing their pretend games as though they were real - to be genuinely wounded by the imaginary weapons they hurl at each other. And that is not to diminish the hardships that many go through. However, it is safe to assume that our greatest pains stem from identifying with life and all the dramas that come with it.
No example sheds light on this problem better than the experience of being insulted: How dare they say that to me? You would yell. They've hurt me, lessened my value, denied my very being, all with just the words they spoke!  These statements are the admissions of the ego.
Alchemist, often we look at the world only through the lens of our ego. It is no wonder that we feel trapped by negative emotions, which narrow our worldview to that of our most limiting beliefs.
What we must do is take a step outside of ourselves and see the bigger picture. We are more than just the values we give ourselves. Nothing can diminish the spirit. 

Do well to remember that this is all a game we are playing with ourselves, like a cosmic level peekaboo. We hide our divine nature from ourselves only to rediscover it through enlightenment. 
Just like your breathing, the world continues to turn without your doing anything. We are in a state of endless perfection at all times. Detach yourself from the egoistical aspects of your nature and open your eyes to the truth.
 That there is so much to do, yet all is one.

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