Good day, fellow Alchemists:

Many times on our manifestation journey we find ourselves at odds with what we have attracted versus what we intended to attract. It may even feel as though our manifestations occur contrary to our desires.

We try and manifest friendship and a better social life, and all we get is isolation. We start craving some alone time, and suddenly our phone won't stop ringing with invitations to events.

It's like the Universe has it out for us! Except, it's just the opposite. These contradicting manifestations happen primarily because we have not aligned ourselves to the appropriate vibrational settings. We have acquired the mental aspect of attracting through thinking of our desired outcome, but not the spiritual aspect of being a vibrational match to it.

In order to manifest accurately, we must be able to live out our desires; to be completely one with them, and allow them to come to fruition. This aspect is achieved in a number of ways, the most important being gratitude. By expressing gratitude for that which we want to manifest, the universe receives a message of already having, creating resonance with a reality in which we have already received our desired outcome. This merges our timeline with one in which our manifestations are ready and available to us. 

Of course, gratitude is simply a tool that only works as well as you use it. If your beliefs and intentions are not where they need to be energetically, the gratitude will come off as disingenuous. It is through this fusion of proper beliefs, vibrational alignment, and gratitude that allows us to manifest accurately.

So much of what goes on in our mind affects us energetically, making it difficult to manifest anything that goes against what we believe.  Imagine how powerful our manifestations would be if we simply stopped fighting ourselves through holding contradicting and limiting beliefs. We would be unstoppable!

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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