It is time, yet again, for us to reveal insights into a dimension of existence that is overlooked by humankind. We will look back at our shared history, and uncover the truth that has been kept secret from us.

The part of our history that we will be discussing is related to the supposed existence of the city of Atlantis, the ancient Egyptians, and their God of Wisdom, Thoth. Some believe that Atlantis was nothing more than a myth created by Plato, but there has been plenty of evidence that has surfaced over the years, which validates the existence of Atlantis. While many historians and archeologists claim to have evidence of Atlantis, an important concept to understand is that the city of Atlantis was a civilization that existed in a higher dimension. Meaning that a lot of evidence might be imperceptible to our lower vibration minds.

The structures built and the people who lived there were advanced, but not as we visualize advancement in the modern world. The Atlantians were SPIRITUALLY advanced. By vibrating on a higher plane of existence, the Atlantean race was able to wield what can only be described as MAGIC! They could speak telepathically, and could even move between dimensions, by use of their Merkaba (See The Chariot of Ascension).

Before the alleged sinking of Atlantis, members of the priesthood, who were living on the island city, evacuated right before the floods came. They took with them magical instruments of their culture and all of their wisdom. Among those evacuees was a being named Thoth, who described the events that occurred in his lifetime in the Emerald Tablets.

Thoth went to the land of Khem, which is where modern-day Egypt is located. Claiming to have encountered what he referred to as hairy barbarians, Thoth set out to help them evolve and shape Egypt into the great civilization it eventually became, much like Atlantis. He taught the Egyptians how to ascend and use magic to unravel the mysteries of the Universe, and in time, they became almost as evolved as the Atlantians. Supposedly, even the pyramids were built by Thoth, as a way to assist the spiritual evolution of the Egyptians.

Thoth hoped that by spreading the knowledge of the Atlantian people, the seed of wisdom will eventually sprout, once more, and the world will again vibrate on the frequency that it once had. After all, the sinking of Atlantis was not only literal but represented the falling of the collective unconscious of the planet.

Most of the spiritual wisdom we have today likely emanated from the Atlantian culture. By raising the consciousness of more people, our society will ultimately mirror Atlantis. We will be telepathic, high-vibration beings of love, capable of accomplishing virtually anything.

For that day to come, we must strive ever upward, gaining greater and greater wisdom.

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