Have you ever had a moment where you thought of someone, and the next second, you received a call or text from that person? Subtle and strange synchronicities like these imply a profound truth about our reality: we are all connected by an invisible link.

 This link is the light of our consciousness. It is the 'I' that exists beyond the physical and is present within every other living being. Because it is not dependent on physicality, it can pierce through time and space and extract information from all dimensions of reality.

 Whether something happened in the past, future, or another reality is of no concern to the conscious mind when connected to its source. By tapping into this all-knowing source of consciousness, many prominent mystics could channel divine wisdom and create prophecies. They could find cures to illnesses no doctor knew to remedy and connect the living to their relatives who've passed on.

 Some refer to this ability as opening the third eye, which anyone can do to at least some degree.

 Alchemist, just as you have instances of mental connectivity with others, you can also feel people's energy and understand those around you to a deeper level. Uncovering these abilities can open doors for you in numerous ways while also keeping you energetically and spiritually protected.

 You may be wondering, what's the secret to unlocking this power? While there are many methods to opening one's mind that date back to ancient times, the simplest way is by clearing your mind of all thoughts.

 You see, Alchemist, our consciousness is always tethered to source. It's only our obsession with thinking that clouds our intuition. If we remove the endless chatter within our minds, all it would take to understand the world beyond the physical is the slightest shift in our attention to whatever we'd like insight into.

 Stop tuning out the subtle forces in and around you; in time, you will begin to understand the language of energy.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections here.

I’ve allowed more time, to be “aware” of things and simple/ subtle moments around me.

I am noticing synchronicities occur, where I feel from my awareness of soul, something already created, as being here now, and what it would feel like; remembering a past that has already been generated.

Amir Jackson

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