Good Day, Fellow Alchemists:

Sometimes it seems as though we are moving against the flow of life.  As if everything we do requires so much effort on our part that our goals may not be worth reaching.  Even if we do everything right - sleep well, eat healthy, meditate - we still find ourselves lacking the necessary energy to undertake our tasks.

We eventually are forced to load up on coffee, which only makes us crash later on. Our vibratory frequency is lowered, which slows us down, inevitably making our limited time even more precious. This creates a situation where we end up eating unhealthy meals for the sake of convenience and skipping our regular meditation and exercise practices, which is in fact the only thing keeping us going to begin with.  Thus begins a self-destructive cycle of unconscious living that sends us spiraling downwards.

But the big question is, what causes this cycle to begin? What is the catalyst for our initial lack of energy?

The answer is simple.

Our mental state is draining us of all our vital energy. Not only does the brain itself consume over 20% of our bodies energy, it also wastes it on very trivial things. If we were to review every last thought that went on in our heads, odds are that almost all of it would be unnecessary worry.

Human beings evolved in order to solve problems and to notice patterns.  Our minds are also deeply rooted in social dynamics, and the way others perceive us is deemed highly important for our survival. However, in our modern world, this need for external validation is exacerbated by living in such large scale civilizations. How can we possibly find the energy to do such simple tasks like going for a walk when we have a million other things on our mind that our bodies delegate energy into solving.

Luckily, when the problem is simple, so too is the solution.  We must reverse the process by erasing our thoughts and returning our intentions into the body.

Right now, as you’re reading this, focus on the sensations coming from your body - from you hands and feet, and from your solar plexus and gut.  Immerse yourself in the physical and see if a change occurs.

It is possible Alchemist, that you might start to feel a surge of energy once the mind is turned off and tuned into the body instead. It is believed that our bodies can endure seven times more strain than our minds will allow us to experience.

That means that a well of untapped energy exists within us, but only if we are willing to prioritize the body through thoughtless perception of ourselves.

While walking, writing, eating, or even just watching tv, try and bring your focus back into your body as often as you can and you will slowly see a change in your energy levels.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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