Good day, fellow Alchemist:

What is consciousness? Is it to be self-aware, or to simply be capable of thinking? How does something, as lifeless as matter, produce consciousness? These questions are difficult to tackle without incorporating aspects of the spirit into the construct.

You see, Alchemist, there are basically two modes of thinking: Either consciousness is produced by the brain, kind of like a generator producing electricity, or it is the process of receiving consciousness, like a radio receiving a transmission. But this dichotomy lacks in its ability to explain the greater aspects of existence.

If consciousness is produced by the brain, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, then what happens to consciousness after death? Alternatively, if our brains are just receptors for consciousness, then where are we receiving it from, and how is it allocated within every individual?

These complications seem to disappear when unified consciousness is defined. This is an idea that holds the collective consciousness as one complete mind. The plants and animals, other people, the dead, and the living, are all connected to one mind that pervades the entire Universe. Moments before life, and those just after death, may possibly offer full immersion into the unified consciousness. By letting go of our physical body, we become unfettered by our singular self, and by doing so, we are able to find peace and become one mind.

It is in this single unified mind that we discover our true state of being; unconditional love.

To put it more plainly, consciousness can be thought of as an endless blob of energy, comprised of love and understanding, which envelopes everything in its embrace.

This may seem like a leap in logic, especially given the tragic nature of life. But when examining our most bare nature, this notion becomes more plausible. We yearn for a feeling of boundlessness. This shows up in our desires for intimacy, where we are given a chance to be fully ourselves with another and relinquish boundaries that keep us separate. This can also be found within chemistry. Atoms form bonds together to create molecules through the force of ATTRACTION.

With the attracting force of love as the catalyst, all life systematically organizes itself.

From the coding of our DNA to the rotation of the planets in the solar system, there is an order to everything. Could this not also count as consciousness? The joy we search for so desperately is our birthright. If we simply open ourselves up to this truth, then we'll be able to harness this feeling indefinitely.

Become fully yourself; become one.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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