What answers surface in your mind when asking yourself, "Who am I?" The usual response would be things like your name, gender, ethnicity, where you live, or what you do for a career. While those responses may be true, they do not accurately represent what it means to be you.

Finding the right words when describing our unique qualities is hard enough, but making sense of what truly makes us who we are is very debatable. Is it at all possible that the difficulty that comes with defining ourselves stems from our lack of understanding of what life is?

How could we possibly grasp what it means to be ourselves when we can't comprehend what it means to be alive? So, the question as to who we are can only be understood once we know what EVERYTHING is.

So...What is any of this?

This is the reality we chose to create. We, as conscious beings, are the apex of existence. It is our perceiving of reality that not only gives it its purpose but gives it life, as well. When we are not perceiving the reality it does not exist. The reason is that we are CREATING that reality.

We are all constantly co-creating the world around us, instead of the common perspective that we were created by this world. Everything about our life was a decision made by our higher selves - the part of our identity that is closest to source consciousness.

So coming back to the question of, "who am I?" The answer is simple, you are the UNIVERSE.

We are everything that we have created. We are ourselves and each other, and the plants in animals we coexist with. Our power as creators manifests itself through every living being, experiencing every conceivable happening in the Universe, simply to gain greater awareness of ourselves.

This progress of the soul can be seen as our purpose. After all, a being as omnipotent and all-knowing as your higher self couldn't possibly be limited in any aspect of your mission.

So, on an every-day, practical level, consider for instant when you are in conflict with another. Take a beat while experiencing this conflict and remember that you ARE this other person. You are of the same essence.

You are ONE.

Rather than questioning why you might be experiencing something, allow in the possibility that you have created that particular situation and rather than cursing it, commit to learn from it. And when you are trying to manifest something and, and you plead with the Universe to grant you your wish, know that you are essentially pleading with a larger part of yourself. So consider that this larger part of yourself wants only good for you, wants you to have the best of the best, to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled. It never tries to harm you or "test you." It is you.

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