You may have heard the saying be careful what you wish for at some point. It's a saying that invokes caution and realism within the mind regarding your desires and is often a source of unnecessary worry. However, getting what you want can often come with dramatic changes, and at some point, you may have to evaluate whether or not those desires align with your authentic self.
Do you genuinely want the things you fantasize about in your daydreams? Are you willing to go through the necessary changes to reach those tantalizing possibilities?
You see, Alchemist, so much of the manifestation process is, well, a process. Things rarely happen overnight, even though it may seem like they do at times. In reality, a thought that occurred in your mind sent out a vibration to the universe, which slowly attracted its corresponding experience. Of course, the speed of that magnetism depends on various factors, like your unconscious beliefs or your unwavering desires. 
Regardless of how fast or slow a desire manifests, the results are the same. Your life has now changed to fit your new energetic frequency. It isn't magic that brought this change about, it's the Law of Attraction, and like everything, it is bound to cause and effect.
This cause-and-effect cycle makes some people doubtful of the Law of Attraction. If, for example, a person set out to manifest a happier life, they may find themselves getting fired from their job, evicted from their apartment, and their significant other leaves them. All of those experiences may seem to contradict the idea of a happy life, yet they may all be part of the process of receiving the desired manifestation.
That lost job, apartment, or relationship could have contributed to an unhappy life. Without them, space for new sources of happiness, which may also align better to one's most authentic self, is now available.
Alchemist, if you are seeing unwanted changes in your life, know that it may be part of a more significant manifestation process that is occurring. 

Let this be a reminder that the work you put into manifesting a better reality is paying off. Trust the universe; allow the world around you to take shape according to your genuine desires.

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