For today's discussion, lets elaborate on what an Alchemist is and the process of transmuting our consciousness. The Aramaic definition of Alchemy is: working within and through the dense darkness inside of our mind and soul.

In other words, we must face our shadow self, the part of ourselves we are unaware of, and bring it into the light of our conscious self. This was the TRUE mission of an Alchemist.

Due to the secretive nature of Alchemical studies, it's real purposes were ignored in favor of transmuting lead into gold. This materialistic desire has nothing to do with the inner work done by real Alchemists. The real transmutation occurred within the SELF of the Alchemist, transmuting heavy-leaded CONSCIOUSNESS into GOLD CONSCIOUSNESS.

Where there once was arrogance, deceit, and egocentrism, there is now humility, kindness, and a unified understanding of wholeness. An Alchemist that undergoes this type of transformation is able to see beyond themselves as an individual and harness the full potential of their being.

For the great work to happen, the old self had to be transmuted. A “death of the self,” the part of us that is too preoccupied with worldly matters - had to happen in order to allow in the Gold Consciousness.

Allow the lead in your soul to be turned to gold through spiritual practices and by connecting yourself to the world around you. The path is long and arduous but the rewards are sweet.

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