Since time immemorial, humans have used energetic portals around the planet to enhance spiritual awareness and bring stability to their lives. Due to the inter-dependence between our minds and the planet's energetic system, energy portals can affect conscious beings in both negative and positive ways, depending on the type of portal accessed. Energy portals are spiraling vortices of energy that connect to the astral plane of existence and can tamper with our energetic field. Spirits can even use these portals to come to our realm and aid us with our spiritual progress. It is very likely, Alchemist, that you have already gone through one of these portals in your life. The sensation is unmistakable. Whether it was just a feeling of peace, or an overwhelming euphoria, at one point in our lives we cross paths with a site that is swirling with energy. We become attracted to the high vibrational frequency when passing through these locations. You may be compelled to linger for a while as you explore certain areas. Sometimes, a site is more vibrant than its surrounding area, and may even send chills down your spine. It is in these vortices that we can receive healing and find a sense of tranquility from our chaotic lives. Many of the major energy portals around the world are popular tourist sites. Some examples are Macchu Picchu, the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, and many other sacred sites. These portals are also found on ley lines, which are lines that connect one sacred site to many others. The civilizations that built these structures most likely built them with the energy portal in mind. To enhance the power of vortex, they built structures that were based on sacred geometry, to cultivate the power and sustain its growth. Some of these sites also align with constellations. The Pyramids of Giza align with Orion and Sirius, which may connect our planet to the higher dimensional beings of another star system. Certain places with higher reporting of paranormal phenomena may also be explained by energy portals. A popular example is the Bermuda Triangle, which seems to be at the root of the cause of many mysterious disappearances. It is alleged to have been involved with the sinking of ships throughout its history. Most portals, however, do not work as doorways. Many of them act simply as cleansing vortices of high vibration energy. We can all benefit greatly from visiting these sights and meditating there. Find a place that invokes a positive sensation for you and let yourself become uplifted by its power. Use the tools that the ancients have known about for many years to enhance your own experience.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council

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