In many cultures worldwide, the idea that other-worldly beings exist among us is quite prevalent. Whether it be in the form of a ghost or a hyper-dimensional alien, many people claim to have made contact with a conscious entity that wasn't entirely human.

One idea that makes people uncomfortable is the possibility that these entities could live within your body or attach themselves to your soul. The earliest concepts of disease had this idea in mind; that we are somehow connected to these beings, and they siphon our good health.

But before we let fear overtake our good sense, let's re-examine what we know about the universe. We live in a vibratory world where thoughts create reality, similar to how instruments can make music. That means that our awareness of an idea is what brings life to it. Something like an entity living inside our soul is only a thought we allow to control us if we choose.

However, beings beyond this dimension may exist. Our ability to perceive reality is usually limited by what we can experience with the five senses. Therefore, if a creature existed doesn't vibrate at the frequency of visible light, we wouldn't be able to see it.

It is also equally possible that our subconscious thoughts can sometimes get away from us and enter the world as a separate thought form. Thoughts can take a life of their own if we are unconscious enough, and since they're the building blocks of reality, they can be like little autonomous life forms. But still, these thought forms can only go as far as we, their creators, are unwilling to look at them. In the end, nothing can affect a person living in a vibratory universe unless they allow it into their sphere of creation.

Next time you experience some form of contact with a non-human consciousness, ask yourself if it is something that stems from your inability to look inward.

And remember, Alchemist, you are creating reality at every moment. All you experience in life reflects your inner thoughts and beliefs. The power to change it is in your hands.
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I have the power to change my inner and outer reality. Into the most beautifuliest thing I’ve ever dreamt of.


I’m loving these blog posts, they resonate so much with me. Thank you! <3 I always look forward to them.


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