Good day, fellow Alchemists:

Growing up in our society has a way of flattening and chiseling out our uneven ends. What doesn’t fit the mold of acceptable roles is cast aside as unimportant. The things that make us the happiest are downgraded and invalidated by referring to them as hobbies; as urges to be acted upon only after the real work is done.

The years pass us by and, lo and behold, we become unhappy adults leading unhappy lives. It’s almost as if we put our need for meaning and fulfillment after our need for acceptance from others - as if life wasn’t hard enough.

And even once our work is finished, we find ourselves in a new conundrum; not knowing what makes us happy. The gap between our sense of self and the image of who we project outwardly to others widens to an unreachable point.

What a great sin it is to limit and hide our true self, only to maintain a deceitful outward appearance. 

Living to work to pay for our stuff, so we can continue to work, to pay for our lives, which again, is only dedicated to working.

It’s madness.

If we claim to be beings of logic and reason, it is only fair that we abide by it. Alchemist, it is your mission to dive head first into the deepest realms of who you are and bring forth your true self and your true desires. Anything less than your greatest dreams are not worth your time.

Some might say this is wishful thinking, or that life doesn’t always go as planned. 

They are right about one thing. Life DOESN’T always go as planned. Sometimes the Universe intervenes and makes fools out of the meticulous planning of us earthlings. 

And to that, we should be grateful.

For it is the blind pursuit of our own inner truth, despite any setbacks or hardships, that we discover our destiny.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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