Good day, fellow Alchemists:

While it may go unnoticed in our daily lives, the Universe sends us continuous messages. Those messages contain answers to all the questions we constantly ask ourselves: Who am I? What Should I be doing? What's the purpose of my life?

The Universe hears us and steadily reveals the truths of these questions in a variety of ways. It may feel as though the guidance we seek has no presence in our lives, but this simply isn't true.

The cosmic hymns whisper in our ears only loud enough for a quiet heart to hear.

But our minds are chaotic and our hearts are anything but quiet. If we only took a moment to stop and listen, our destiny would appear before us, clearly and vividly. Confusion is created when one cannot find a straight path. Without a light at the end of the road to guide us, it is easy to become lost. That is why we must correct our thinking during difficult times.

At every turn, we are given choices by the Universe. One choice brings us closer to understanding and unity; it is the choice of the soul. The other choice may be one of fear and limited perception. It is important that we lead our lives in a way that expresses the combined efforts of our soul and the Universe. As the soul experiences life and manifests a destiny, the Universe works to harmonize our existence according to our desires. Through the interaction of our soul and the Universe, a life path is created for us from which we are to learn and grow.

Whether you are feeling completely lost, or you think that you have found your way, it's always important to expand your perception and become aware of the lessons being taught to you. When situations feel as though they are working against you, think: What is the Universe trying to tell me? It may be difficult - while you are in the moment - to question yourself and your actions but in due time, your awareness will increase, and listing to the voices of your angels will become more natural.

Remember Alchemist, you are never alone. If you are searching for a guru, the Universe is always there to lead.

All you must do is stop and listen.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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