Whether it be through the mystical experiences of our dreams or the strange intuitive impulses we feel at an energetic level, our unconscious mind is constantly trying to communicate with us.

Through the limitless medium of our senses, our conscious mind cherry-picks experiences aligned with our worldview, ignoring much of what we see and hear. This, in turn, validates our beliefs about reality and ourselves.

But our unconscious mind is different. It isn't limited by the thinking mind that only selects the most vital experiences to process and internalize. The unconscious mind takes in everything you experience and has an almost supernatural understanding of the world.

In dreams, we access the unconscious, and it reveals its wisdom to us through stories and characters. Many people have learned the language of dreams as a means of communicating with their unconscious and brought back a revived sense of self that is more profound than what their waking perspective can identify.

Alchemist, all intuitive knowledge comes from the wisdom of the unconscious mind. Much of the spiritual knowledge and scientific innovation came from the unconscious. Even Einstein claimed to have discovered his theory of relativity after having a dream he was riding a sled moving at the speed of light.

While delving into dreams is vital to communicating with the unconscious, there is a better way to gain its wisdom. When sitting in meditation, some people may experience flashes of memories—nothing mystical or profound, just experiences that occurred months or years before.

Seeing old memories is a sign that your conscious and unconscious minds are merging and processing the vast sea of experiences you've had. You may even begin to notice the connection between your limiting beliefs and memories that you once considered insignificant.

When merged with our waking consciousness, the unconscious mind becomes like a superpower we can call upon. Even simply speaking out loud and asking your unconscious to share knowledge and waiting a moment in the silence may grant you answers to questions that seemed too complex to understand.

Allow your unconscious to pour into the world, Alchemist. Only then will you be in control of your mind rather than controlled by it.

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