Good day, fellow Alchemists:

Since the time we were born, all that we have done is chase our own desires. By moving towards what attracts us, we manifest a reality in which we have what we want. In a sense, desires are like the primordial force that sustains the Law of Attraction - like a kind of fuel that makes an engine run.

And of course, there is nothing wrong with this. It is natural for living things to crave more than what they already have. It’s what drives us to procreate and aided in our evolution as human beings.

This is true for us biologically as a species, and personally as individuals. Just as we shape the world in order to fit our ideal, we, ourselves change due to the path our desires take us on.

But what’s interesting is how our desires change over time.

A child will begin to have cravings for candy and will do things in order to get as much candy as possible. This could mean getting the approval of his parents in order to receive candy as a reward, or it could mean stealing a piece of candy when no one is looking. As you can see, it’s not only our desires that shape us but the way we try to fulfill them as well.

Once the child gets the candy, his desires don’t end. They change.

The child grows older and gains social awareness, creating a need for approval from his fellow classmates. Eventually, a desires for a partner will emerge. Then a career, a bigger house, retirement plans, summer homes and so on.

Desires don’t go away, they simply change in form. But if you dig deep enough into our psyche, all any of us are really craving is still just candy. And candy, after all, is just a form of gratifying the ego.​

It is not until we meet all of our desires that we eventually come to terms with the one thing we want most of all.

To give of ourselves to others.

It is a conclusion that most people will eventually arrive at. Need proof? Look no further than to your own grandparents, who more often than not, give of themselves to their family until their last days on this planet. It’s also the reason why monks are trained to focus on the meaning of compassion. To set themselves free of the self-serving ego and give to the world by reaching enlightenment.

We can all find fulfillment in life, both by having our desires met and by serving those around us.

We are free to have both.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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