Life is a test of our tenacity. How far are we willing to go to achieve what we want? How single-minded and focused can we be to create the reality we envision in our daydreams? The treasure is just beneath our feet; if only we'd keep digging, surely we would find it!

The problem is, Alchemist, that the path toward our success isn't so cut and dry, and it's easy to get caught up in self-doubt at every turn on the road. If only our minds were like stone, unchanging and unyielding, no matter what the external world throws at us. Unfortunately, we are highly sensitive little creatures, incapable of making even the simplest decisions.

But what if, just for a moment, we tried to suspend the brain from all of its daunting decision-making? What if we let our intentions guide us entirely and let go of our logical reasons for quitting before we even start?

Imagine how quickly the world around us would change if we removed the never-ending chatter that buzzes away in our heads and stuck to the life script we wrote ourselves. Alchemist, if you could set yourself a mission right now and have your body move on its own to do it without your ability to stop it, what sort of plan would you set in motion?

Whatever that plan is, it should be what you strive towards. To dig endlessly into the ground in search of treasure is a tedious undertaking. Until you find that first piece of glimmering gold, it may feel as though the digging is fruitless.

But keep digging, Alchemist. The treasure is real, and it's mere inches beneath your feet.

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Thank you, Leeor. This was lovely and fitting for me, as I undertake a career renewal!

Lauren @ Heal Your BFRB

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