A concept we often discuss in these transmissions is the idea of beings who live in dimensions that are higher or lower than us. While it may be challenging to wrap our minds around this thought, it could help explain why there is so little evidence for UFOs and other supernatural creatures.

The same could be true of any paranormal event, which usually only has an individual's testimony and a host of incongruities in their story.

People who experience the paranormal may report seeing Bigfoot, an alien, or the Lockness Monster, yet cannot provide photos or videos, even in the modern age where everyone always carries a camera with them.

Excuses such as these are common and work to discredit claims of paranormal sightings, not to mention the existence of spirits and poltergeists, which are allegedly impossible to photograph. Of course, it is unlikely that a method to distinguish the real from the fake exists when it comes to anything supernatural. Still, a theory that unifies all conspiracies and adds to their believability does exist.

The idea is known as the superspectrum, coined by John A. Keel in his book, The Eighth Tower, which states that evidence is so scarce regarding the paranormal because we cannot perceive the entities involved. Our eyes, for example, can only take in visible light, which is only a tiny sliver of the electromagnetic field. The same goes for our other senses, which are limited partly by biology and primarily by our social conditioning.

The difference in the vibration of these entities might be responsible for some technological anomalies (GPS failing, radars picking up disturbances, cameras malfunctioning) that hinder any attempts to obtain proof of their existence.

These ultraterrestrials, as Keel referred to them, occasionally make themselves known to us by dropping down to our vibratory frequency, allowing us to perceive them for a short while. The individuals who make contact with these beings may be experiencing a mixture of their psychic abilities awakening and simply being at the right place at the right time. 

Of course, as Alchemists, we already know there is no such thing as coincidence, only events that have yet to reveal their purpose.

A day may soon come when these beings finally reveal themselves to the whole world. Some believe we are already entering that point in our evolution; however, the truth remains unclear. Undoubtedly, the world is changing rapidly, and old preconceived notions about what is real and what isn't are being challenged by the day. By opening our minds and raising our vibration, we may end up living in a world closer to fantasy than reality.

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