Words have power. Everything from the words you speak to the words you use to describe yourself constantly shapes and reshapes your reality. But where does it end? Words are everywhere; we learn history and science with words; even your name is technically a word! If we strip our language apart, we can uncover ancient magic used by rabbinic scholars to decipher a person's entire life in a study known as Gematria.

We all understand the concept of how frequencies and vibration make up the most fundamental aspects of our reality. We emit frequencies and adapt our aura in the presence of other external vibrations. So the spoken word is like the vehicle for our energy to manifest into the physical world, and Gematria is the key to understanding the inner workings of that interaction.

One of the applied practices in Gematria goes hand in hand with the Talmud and the Midrash, which, if you don't know, are like the Rabbinic Scholar's bread and butter for living life according to the creator's wisdom. They are books of laws, but through the study of Gematria, they become a layered esoteric tome of endless mystery. 

By replacing the phonetics of the Hebrew words with numbers, we can reveal hidden meanings in the ancient texts. For example, in the Ten Commandments, the fifth commandment instructs us to honor our mother and father. Usually, we nod in agreement at the concept of "honoring" our parents, but what does it mean? Scholars took the numerology of the Hebrew word for honor, which is (Ch)kabed, and derived 26. They then examined other words whose numbers also equaled 26 and found love to be a better fit. Thus, revealing a deeper meaning in the fifth commandment. 

One more interesting example that might be more relevant to some of you is of an old Hebrew saying that goes, "wine enters, secrets come out." This phrase is common in a few cultures and languages, but in Hebrew, "wine" has the same value as the word for "secrets." This is just one example of how the Hebrew language is multi-dimensional and how words can carry out intentions to the reader. 

Gematria highlights the truth that our Universe is a highly sophisticated coded matrix of thought and frequency, which we have direct access to understanding through language.

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