Good day, fellow Alchemists:

I've never been good at singing, so I don't sing.

If you've said this sentence to yourself before, odds are you probably never sing - at least not outside of the shower. The power of the mind is EXTRAORDINARY. It is our greatest weapon when working on a difficult task, but it can also be our worst enemy. We tend to bully ourselves during our internal monologue, repeating all sorts of negative mantras that encapsulate a negative self-image. A negative perception of our abilities can really limit how much progress we make and can even keep us from seeing our true worth as individuals. But limiting beliefs aren't just an obstacle for us to overcome emotionally, they also determine what is possible in our reality.

Take the ability to sing as an example:

By constantly saying to oneself, "I can't sing," you begin to manifest a reality in which you are a bad singer.

The negative thought eventually becomes real and you become a victim of your words.

This concept can really shed light on why some people are more gifted than others in certain areas. The difference between success and failure is often ruled by our mindset. A naturally talented person may only speak highly of themselves, expecting nothing but the best out of every situation they're involved in. Inevitably, they begin to succeed in their undertakings, solidifying their positive beliefs about themselves. When we live life assuming things will go our way, we are aligning with what we want, rather than what we don't want.

Sadly, we are taught to do the opposite.

On a long list of incorrect teachings that are instilled in us as children, the most antithetical piece of advice to having a great life is to be realistic. Of course, what this really means is to assume the worst, stemming from a misguided attempt to help someone along their path. It is unlikely that a negative mindset like that will achieve anything. When aspiring towards a goal, we can't be in disbelief of the good possibilities that may await us.

Alchemists, it is your job to become aware of all the negative self-talk and assumptions you make about life and begin to change them. In conversations, notice how you speak about yourself. Learn to only use UPLIFTING words when describing things about you and your life. When anticipating results, don't wallow in pessimistic anxiousness. Instead, transform that anxiety into EXCITEMENT by assuming that your desired outcome will manifest.

As silly as it might sound, nothing can stop a positive attitude.

Nothing can thwart the intentions of someone who believes the entire Universe is on their side.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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