Time and time again, we find ourselves stuck in the same old thought patterns, repeating the same life experiences and feeling trapped in a matrix of our own creation.

Alchemist, are you living out a story in your mind? Are you addicted to the sensation of reality matching your negative expectations? It isn't easy to look at our lives and believe that change is possible, but the fact of the matter is we aren't genuinely looking.

Our mind is programmed to notice patterns and make predictions. The human psyche is deeply rooted in abstractions for this exact reason. When we gaze at a bird, we're not actually looking at it; we are conjuring up the idea of what a bird is and then perceiving it.

The same is true of our lives and the story we tell ourselves about what is possible and what is true. We limit the scope of what can happen to put our minds at ease, stuck in a comfortable cage of predictability.

It takes courage to break free from that cage and enter a world of uncertainty. But at the cost of knowing what happens next, we are given the option of telling a new story that includes our happiness as part of the plot.

Alchemist, at any moment, you can choose to inhabit a reality free from the anxiety, fear, and disappointment you've woven into your story. Start by acknowledging that all of our pattern recognition is rooted in illusions of the mind. Nothing is real beyond the present moment. The words that come in and out of our heads are nothing more than programs running a script to navigate our chaotic lives conveniently.

We may never be able to release ourselves from patterns of expectations completely. However, changing how we see ourselves and the reality surrounding us can lead to a more blissful and awakened life.

See through the drama of your story, Alchemist. Wake up to the present moment and sink into infinite uncertainty.

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