In a universe comprised of vibrations, self-tuning is the greatest kept secret. If we align ourselves to the proper frequency, we can access any desired experience and even evolve our consciousness.

One of the most basic methods of self-tuning is through chanting, utilizing our innate abilities of speech and sound to manifest higher realms of thought. Chanting Aum is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to deepen a person's spiritual connection. It is the most powerful meditation sound and a gateway to higher consciousness.

Cultures around the world have incorporated the Aum sound in one form or another. Some have even connected the phrase Amen to be a variation of the word Aum. Aum is a Sanskrit mantra thought to represent the sound of the universe. While everything has its own unique vibration signature, Aum is, in a sense, the original melody of all creation. It may very well be the source of all life.

Chanting Aum can help open the gateway to spiritual awareness and enlightenment, even revitalizing your sense of oneness with all things. When chanting Aum, it is crucial to approach the practice with an open heart and mind. The intention of the chant should be to open up to the divine within yourself. As you chant Aum, focus on the sound of the mantra and let it resonate within your body and in the space around you. Feel the vibration of the mantra as it travels through your body and out into the universe.

The chant should emphasize each letter evenly. Chant the A sound as Ah, then the U as Oh, and finally, let the M sound vibrate your lips as they close. Chant Aum in sets of 7 for however long you wish. As you chant Aum, notice the changes that occur within you. Feel the energy created by the mantra's sound and allow it to move through you. You may feel a sense of peace, calmness, or clarity that was previously absent.

Chanting Aum is a powerful practice that can bring you closer to your inner spiritual truth. Open yourself up to life and let it overflow from your being.

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This is so funny reading about this now and really practising the embodiment of being spiritual.
In the community where I live the gangsters usually say this all the gangsters in South-Africa as if it is a form a greeting.
But is actually inspiring me to chant more for just vocal tuning.


Thanks! I love you. Even reading something I already believe rings true in a new way here. So happy to be here with you!!!

Brittany Leppert

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