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Many cultures around the world have been aware of the existence of a third-eye that lies dormant within us. Egyptians called it the Eye of Horus, and Hindus thought of it as part of their Chakra System in the form of the third-eye chakra. Both believed that it was a tool used to access higher realms of thought that utilized psychic abilities. By opening the third-eye, you would awaken the mind to the full spectrum of reality, gaining the ability to speak to higher-dimensional beings, and even seeing into the past and the future.

While these myths and legends are exciting, they only leave us with anecdotal evidence of the existence of a third-eye.

It's not like an actual eye is found within our head; it must have been some sort of metaphor, right?


It is only now, due to advancements in science, that we have rediscovered the wisdom known by these ancient cultures. Within the center of our brain, a small pinecone shaped gland known as the pineal gland has been widely believed to be the third-eye referred to in spirituality. In fact, the depiction of the Eye of Horus actually looks like a lateral section of the brain, right where the pineal gland is located. The pineal gland itself even has rods and cones just like our eyes do, and it shares many similar photoreceptor cells like the ones found in our retinas.

It is quite literally a third eye!

This begs the question, how did the Hindus and the Egyptians (along with many other ancient cultures) know about the third-eye? This question doesn't have any concrete answers, as of now. But considering what we know about the capabilities of the third-eye, it is very possible they had activated it and used its power of foresight, which ultimately led to its discovery.

Mainstream scientists, while having acknowledged its importance as a part of the Endocrine System, have yet to conclude whether the pineal gland has any sort of connection to paranormal abilities. What is known is that the pineal gland is responsible for our waking and sleeping cycles; it releases serotonin when the morning light hits it in order to wake us up, and releases melatonin at night to let us sleep.

Some scientists have speculated that the pineal gland is also responsible for releasing DMT (dimethyltryptamine), which is a potent hallucinogenic chemical that exists naturally in all living beings. DMT is a whole topic on its own, but the bottom line is that some people consider it a gateway to other worlds and a means of communication with extra-dimensional beings.

By digging through old knowledge we can open up doors to truths that we never knew existed. The pineal gland is only one example where we see ancient wisdom resurfacing in the modern era as an important lesson for us to learn.

The bridging of science and spirituality is a great step forward in humanity's quest of raising our vibration and reaching higher levels of understanding our reality.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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