Good day, dear Alchemist:

Many dramatic events have taken the stage in recent months. Coronavirus is just the icing on the cake for all the chaotic happenings that have ensued. It almost feels like the fear and isolation around the world is a reflection of the inner turmoil that the average person may feel daily. With no end to the madness in sight, we could begin to lose hope, not only for the world but for our own lives, as well.

When will my life change for the better? or When will the world be safe again? These are questions that originate from the same source in our minds. These are all fear-based thoughts. It is no wonder that with all that is happening, humanity, as a whole, is experiencing a dark night of the soul. We may feel as if we've reached a point of no return; the future is uncertain and the present is filled with fear and pandemonium.

But on the wings of these dark moments, positive change can be achieved. Positive changes from Mother Earth are already coming our way in the form of changing seasons.

Spring Equinox is HERE.

This heralds a time of rebirth when the energy of the Earth awakens, once again, and life springs forth from out of the darkness. The collective unconscious of the planet was in a similarly dark place. Just as the seeds in the ground are surrounded in darkness, so too is the world. This is a process of alchemical transmutation at the highest level. This global transmutation is meant to align us to a new and brighter future.

In the center of the burning ashes, the Phoenix rises and begins a new life. That is what we are going through now as a species; a REBIRTH.

The Spring Equinox could not be coming at a better time. This serendipitous occasion is a blessing, the magnitude of which we cannot fathom. Just as the curtain begins to close on a chapter of darkness in our lives, a new beginning unfolds right along with the start of a new season. And since what happens at the highest level happens equally at the lowest levels (as above, so below), your life will also change for the better. If you've felt stuck, unsure, depressed, or just misaligned, this is your time to have a major breakthrough! While you sit at home under quarantine, use this time to dig deep into yourself. Feel the change coming over you and rejoice at the thought of the future.

We will not toil in the darkness forever. Spring is here and the human spirit has endured the darkness for long enough. The story of our lives continues. What it may bring depends on us and how we choose to live our lives from here on out.

Remember, everything is going according to plan. We are living in our best-case scenario, so don't just choose to survive; choose to THRIVE!

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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