Good day, fellow Alchemist:

During this chaotic time in which we are living, it may feel like much of our powers as creators have diminished. As if we are more susceptible to disease, and danger is closing in on us. Of course, this is just the way we are taught to think. Throughout our life, we are fed the erroneous assumption that we are powerless over what happens to our bodies. It has been confirmed by many scientists around the world that the state of fear, panic, and stress, is likely to get you sick by lowering your immune system.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Diseases may simply be a type of manifestation that we ALLOW into our lives. Just like with any manifestation, we align ourselves with a reality that is constantly in our thoughts. That is not to say that we are impervious to ailments. Living in the third dimension means we are tasked with handling a certain amount of care for our bodies. This can be achieved by eating healthy, staying hygienic, breathing clean air, and most importantly, aligning with a healthy frequency.

This is where the effects of the Healing Amulet really shines.

By wearing the code 'מהש' that is depicted on the Healing Amulet, you are wielding an ancient technology that has been used for thousands of years to aid people in attuning to the frequency of healing. This healing frequency is the purest expression of life energy. If expressed physically it would appear as a perfect geometric pattern, just as all life does when it is vibrant and healthy. The Healing Amulet is like a tuning fork for that frequency. Our spirit matches the tone that the amulet emits and amplifies the vibration by harmonizing with it.

Whether it be depression, sickness, or even chronic pain, the healing frequency will return the wearer to their natural state, which is free of all ailments.

The light of healing is like medicine. By letting it flow into you, even your own aura becomes a source for healing energy that can be passed on to other people.

Stay aligned to the frequency of healing and the world around you will manifest with purity in mind.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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