Good day, dear Alchemist:

The true potential of conscious beings is without limit. The only barrier to what we can achieve is dictated by what our minds can believe. Our beliefs are the only factor that determines what is and isn't possible, yet even this one obstacle cannot hold back the true essence of the human spirit. At some point in our lives, we experience things that make us question what is real, inevitably expanding our minds and crushing our limiting beliefs.

On our journey through life, we learn the truth that we are creators, powerful and unrelenting in our mission on this planet. Nothing can truly hold us back but ourselves. As we have previously learned from the Seven Hermetic Principles, EVERYTHING is mind. We do not simply perceive the world, we create it. That means anything we can imagine can come to fruition. This knowledge is known by many masters who are still alive today. Some, through meditation and training, have expanded their mind and unlocked psychic abilities, like telekinesis or clairvoyance.

These abilities are not only found in a few gifted people but can be awakened by ANYONE who is truly seeking. You may have had your own experiences that can attest to this fact. Have you ever thought of someone, and then only seconds to minutes later you received an unexpected phone call from them? This is a form of telepathy, a way of sharing thoughts between one another without the use of language.

Moving objects with your mind may seem far-fetched or downright unbelievable, but as mentioned above, the only limitation we have is that which we choose to believe ourselves. If you are wondering what moving objects with your mind has to do with manifesting your goals, you will shortly understand that they are much more closely related than one would think. The same principles that go into the activation and use of psychic abilities are also utilized in manifesting our desires.

First, we begin unlearning what has been taught to us by society, thereby, expanding the realm of what we think is possible. Then, we determinewhat we want to achieve and by using our manifestation tools, such as, visualization, along with belief in unlimited possibilities, we can make it happen. No matter how big or small your desired outcome, it all works through the same principle of beliefs. If you believe in something hard enough, it can come true.

Unhinge yourself from the matrix of limiting beliefs that have been forced upon you. You are boundless! Everything you desire is within your reach!

The only question you must answer is, what would you like to manifest?

Be well and stay healthy!​​

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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