Have you ever wondered about the secret to the success of human beings? What happened that made our species propagate to such an extent that we now number in the billions and span across the entire globe?
Well, Alchemist, it's no shock at all that many scientists believe that language and subsequently art, poetry, songs, and storytelling may be the key to our long-lasting reign.
It may seem obvious from a third-dimensional perspective; we explained things to each other in great detail, even passing on specific knowledge to our children. Once we developed language, something like a lion creeping up on us was no longer brought to our attention through a last-minute shriek by one of its victims. Instead, we could expect to receive a more convincing: hey, look, a lion over there behind the tree, long before an attack occurs.
It also changed the way we think about reality by introducing myths to our psyche. We now can think about things that aren't physical and or present. To call this change in our collective unconscious revolutionary would be an understatement!
The concept of myths led to religion and money systems, organizations, and even the ability to identify with ourselves. Life was no longer limited to what had already existed. We were finally able to imagine different possibilities.
While all this sounds amazing, it is still only the tip of the iceberg! The most incredible part of language and myth comes from our ability to invoke power through the spoken word. It is unclear at what point we learned this, but words have a powerful vibration to them. It's possible humans invented language only after we experimented with sound and vibrations.
When someone says a word, it holds a certain vibration to it, a specific frequency that gets carried through to another person to reveal a hidden meaning. So if we can view our ability with new eyes, perhaps we may use our words more carefully.
Civilizations rose and crumbled through changes caused by words. Likewise, we think about things through words; they are the bridge we must cross to meet any future endeavor.
Language is truly one of humanity's superpowers.

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