Often we find it difficult to break free from the world we've created for ourselves. Between the four walls of our bedroom to the path we take to work, our lives center around patterns of behavior that make our reality seem like a hamster wheel.

And it is within those patterns that some of our most disturbing emotions arise and stain our experience of life.

Alchemist, the problem is that we think the pattern we're losing ourselves in is external. We observe our lives through the lens of the mind and, therefore, can't seem to understand that we are, in fact, the pattern.

All of us living within society are constantly drowning in our own personalities. We mistake the true self for the ego and work to reinforce one another's ego in the game of life.

More often than not, every word we speak is used to explain our ego to someone else. We identify ourselves through a career, our race, political affiliation, and anything else that may set us apart from others. Once we have our ego firmly rooted, the pattern begins, and we live our lives on autopilot.

For this reason, some ritual conformity is present within many spiritual circles around the world. Ancient people understood that to break free from one pattern; it would be easiest to overlay a new one. By practicing ceremonies, singing hymns, or even just meditating, a person can introduce a new frequency into their field of being.

Therein lies the secret; novelty is the anti-pattern. By engaging in new activities that our mind has no way to identify with, we break free from habituation and enter into a world of limitless possibilities.

It's okay to let go of the person you think you are or should be, don't concern yourself so much with cradling other people's egos with your ego.

We come into this life to experience the joy of pure being, not to fulfill some finite role we've fallen into doing. Be in the present moment, with your true and present self.
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