Grand rising, dear Alchemist:

A fun part of playing the human game is having many desires you wish to fulfill. We live our lives in pursuit of these desires and some of us are lucky enough to have discovered the law of attraction, which enables us to bring our dreams into physicality. Through the process of manifesting, we slowly begin to see the world in a different light. 

What we once thought of as impossible starts to become an ordinary part of our reality. After having dealt with the internal deficiencies that once caused us to manifest an undesirable reality, we become masters of our own lives, capable of accomplishing just about anything.

Once we successfully manifest all that we want, a question may arise:

Why am I able to do this? What is the purpose behind conscious being's ability to create their own reality?

It's a valid question that may not have an exact answer.  In order to gain some perspective on this question, we must first recognize our own identity as creators. Some enlightened gurus have likened the human experience to a game of pretend. We are all pretending to be individual, tiny, ignorant humans when in reality, we are the Universe itself. The process of life can be thought of as a journey to rediscover our all-mighty nature.

The law of attraction obviously plays an important role in this process. Once we begin to work reality in our favor, the truth that we are the invisible hand manipulating everything will become more apparent. This journey of self-realization is important for the spirit to evolve and gain greater levels of consciousness.

It is within the realm of possibilities that once we complete this journey, we may start it all over again. This may seem unusual to most of us. After all, why go through the hardships of life over and over again?

Alan Watts once spoke about reality and compared it to a lucid dream. He asked, what if you knew you were dreaming and then were able to dream of whatever you wanted? At first, you would experience every kind of joy imaginable. But how long would it take for those joys to cease being meaningful? Alan Watts argued that eventually, you would want to experience something you couldn't expect. Something surprising, mysterious, and maybe even a little scary at times.

Ordinary human life can offer all of that and more.

Of course, these are all just theories thought up by tiny, ignorant, and singular minded humans.

The truth may be thousands of times more incredible and unexpected, which is also part of the fun of being human.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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