Good day, fellow Alchemist:

The greatest transition that mankind will make is when we reconnect with spirit on a global level. It will change the way society functions and how we view ourselves in relation to the Universe. No more will we think of ourselves as a cosmic accident. It is that type of thinking that has created this society where mental illness is commonplace.

As detrimental as this society is on our psyche and spirit, it has also given rise to seekers who spent their lives searching for answers. Many gurus and shamans, when asked about the true nature of modern society's problems, answered simply:

We have lost our connection to the spiritual realms.

Since time immemorial, spirituality was what gave us meaning. It connected us to the afterlife and inspired us to progress our souls instead of just surviving. In a world without meaning, coupled with a lack of insight into our purpose, human beings become lost. It may feel as though all our efforts are in vain because there is something missing in the equation of a balanced life.

We may work hard to keep our bodies healthy, and even take actions to keep our minds at peace, but all that is not enough if we do not connect with the world on the level of the spirit. Naturally, the problems we are facing are making a turn for the better. All around the world people are waking up and realizing that they can find fulfillment through connecting to the Divine and recognize its existence within. We are all becoming seekers in one way or another, leading us to our own unique paths in life.

The future has shifted from a course of great destruction to one of great change.

The possibilities now are ENDLESS.

Technology will start evolving to work with nature, rather than depleting it of its resources. Schools will begin to change their curriculum to incorporate a broader spectrum of learning, like teaching children how to interact with nature and exposing them to a wide array of spiritual studies. As we progress spiritually on a global level, we may even begin awakening psychic abilities that allow us to build boundless connections with one another.

In time, the vibration of the planet will increase to such a high level that we will no longer be in this dense third-dimensional reality. This world will become a seedbed for higher-dimensional beings, such as ourselves, to incarnate and continue further on our journey to progress the soul. It is our duty, as transitioning light-beings, to ensure the creation of the brightest possible future.

There may be difficult times along the way, but as long as we keep moving forward we will come to a better place.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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