Good day, fellow Alchemists:

The Seventh Hermetic Principle states that everything is GENDER. To every female, there exists a male counterpart, and to every male, a female counterpart. This is true of every system that exists in the Universe. When studying energy, we can see POLARITY manifests as positive and negative forces. Even in Taoism, the concept of Yin and Yang, which are opposing forces that work to balance one another, further elucidates the Hermetic principle of GENDER.

Carl Jung also touched on this concept with his idea of the Animus/Anima, which is the male and female within every man and woman. What we'll be focusing on today is the female aspect, better known as the Divine Feminine Attribute. Feminine energy is often misunderstood in spiritual groups as soft or weak. As if it is the water that quells the flames of the divine masculine.

While divine feminine energy does bring balance to masculinity, to view it as simply a passive force does not fully define it. Yes, feminine energy is passive in nature; it bears and endures endlessly.

But its true purpose is to CREATE!

Whether it be to create life or art, when fully actualized, the divine feminine is a powerful source of creativity and is capable of manifesting just about ANYTHING into existence. The miracle of life is irrefutable proof of this fact. For thousands of years, we were guided as a species by masculine energy, urging us to dominate and build. Our source of power came from this masculine aspect, which has often been thought of as having gone unchecked, particularly during the last 200 years of our history. (That will be discussed in the next post, as it is a whole topic on its own.)

Now, in the Age of Aquarius, we have gone through a PROFOUND shift. We are now becoming a female-orientated species, allowing us to take on a new psychological paradigm of openness and creativity. Divine feminine energy is potent and just like with its counterpart, the divine masculine, it can have negative consequences when it isn't properly funneled into our lives.

We must all take this new agent of change as an opportunity to grow spiritually and help heal the planet.

Take it upon yourself to create and bring your own unique blend of MAGIC into this world.

After all, life and creation are interdependent.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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