Grand rising, dear Alchemist:

It’s been a remarkable journey on this planet, hasn’t it? From the moment we are born into this world, we experience all manners of joy and fulfillment; from our first love to our first grandchild. Some of us are lucky enough to have traveled the world, pursuing our dreams, changing the world for the better, and even living long enough to watch new generations do the same.

But occasionally, with the sweetness of life comes a bitter aftertaste. Almost all people experience trauma to varying degrees. It is part of the give and take of third-dimensional living. By having a body we are vulnerable to physical pain, and by having an ego we can be emotionally hurt as well. Anyone you meet can attest to the fact that reality can be both beautiful and cruel.

That leaves us with a question: If given the opportunity, would we choose to come back to this plane of existence and live as a human once more?

As we’ve discussed in previous transmissions, reincarnation is a phenomenon that exists in almost every religion and culture in one form or another. Many eastern traditions set their sights on an existence beyond the never-ending cycle of reincarnation and seek to free their soul from the pain of life. However, couldn’t we also accept that the pain we inevitably feel is worth the joyous experiences we create?

It’s a difficult concept to wrap our heads around, especially when factoring in the mystery of what awaits us in the afterlife. When given the opportunity to reincarnate, we may feel as though our previous life had ended too quickly and that there are still many things we wish to experience. Contrary to that point, we may feel as though we’ve had our fill of human life and wish to move on towards our next adventure.

Well Alchemist, considering that we are all here at this present moment, living as humans, we can be sure that if the option to reincarnate existed, we’ve already made our decision.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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