Good day, fellow Alchemists:

There is an old parabola that Alan Watts would often tell in his lectures. The story follows a rancher who recently hired a new farm hand to help him.

The new employee was sent to do a variety of tasks, which he fulfilled quickly and without error. The farmer was delighted at how diligent his new helper was and tasked him with even more responsibility; to examine potatoes and decide which ones were to be sold and which to throw away. After only a short time of doing the job, the new employee yelled to his boss that he can no longer stand the work and that he wishes to resign.

His boss, the farmer, was surprised by his attitude. He had him do all sorts of difficult jobs by himself and never once did his employee complain. The farmer asked his worker what had pushed him over the edge. He even offered him a raise and other such benefits. The worker then explained that he didn’t mind the back breaking work, but the constant decision making with the potatoes had driven him mad!

It is believed Alchemist, that our will power is an exhaustible source. Everyday, we have a myriad of choices to make and each one can chip away at our strength to decide Some of us may find ourselves in internal stalemates on a regular basis. We may worry that we hadn’t taken every piece of information into account, but the truth is Alchemist, we never could!

It all stems from a desire to control the outcome. This is why having trust in the Universe is so useful.

If we allow the world around us to be shaped in whatever way fate has in store for us, much of our power can be returned to us. It is for this reason that every leader delegates authority to the people around them. By giving up control you will have the entire Universe working in your favor.​

All you must do is learn to let go.​

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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