Good Day, Fellow Alchemists:

Do you feel how the world is changing all around us? How old paradigms are beginning to crumble before our very eyes?

There is a very powerful transition that is occurring on our planet right now - a move towards the spirit. In order for us to understand what that means, we must first look at our role in all of this.​ While it may seem like ​​the events around the world are at their worst, it’s all a symptom of this great change.

Remember Alchemist, before order comes chaos.

Within the cocoon, a disorganized mess of an organism is waiting in darkness to come out in its final form.

This transition is the cause for most of our confusion. With the added perspective of spirituality, it’s like we’re trying to look in two directions at once.It’s not the first time a shift like this happened either.​​ Our current experiences are the direct results of smaller shifts that began not too long ago.

The last major shift happened when we disconnected from organized religion and put our faith in science.​ We completely moved away from anything spiritual and only trusted what could be verified by our senses.​ And who could blame us? The innovations made by scientific pioneering brought the world into the modern age.

People across the globe were pulled out of poverty, were given clean water, and bright lights filled the streets, banishing the darkness once and for all.

However, it wasn’t long until those bright lights began to blind us. The darkness wasn’t gone, we just weren’t looking at it anymore. ​ With all the mental anguish that has built up from humans being forced to live in cities and work jobs they are unhappy with, we, as a society, are forced to look at our own darkness once again - to step into our shadow.

It is a turbulent time, but we must remember that we chose to be here for it. 

​We will all come out the other side and live together in the golden age that is to come.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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