There is this habit we all do, and we've likely been doing it since we were kids. Running away into our daydreams and avoiding the present moment is a learned coping mechanism for dealing with uncomfortable, traumatic, or even dull situations. As we get older, there is a spillover effect for this habit that manifests in unique ways in the modern age.

Staring at our phone for hours or even just taking it out to check the time is a way for us to handle many empty and dull discomforts throughout the day. Of course, checking out can also be done through unconscious behavior, such as overeating, chronic drug, and alcohol use, or obsession with any form of easily accessed stimuli.

It's reasonable that people deal with discomfort in their own ways; life can be difficult, and there's no shame in leaning on some personal amusement. But the problem is Alchemist, that this constant checking out makes one more unconscious and incapable of enjoying the present moment.

By constantly being unconscious, we dampen our lived experience of life instead of letting it overflow. As a result, we lose out on the beauty and joy that life offers us in the present moment. We miss out on the little moments of joy that are found in even the most mundane tasks.

The key to combating this unconscious state is to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment and being aware of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations. By being mindful, we can learn to become aware of our thoughts and feelings and observe them without judgment. We can then focus our attention on the present moment and appreciate it for what it is. It can help us open up to life's possibilities and start creating a life we love.

The constant attempts to numb yourself from experiencing the world around you may have frozen your senses, but slowly, through conscious practices, you will begin to thaw out and notice reality with a new and brighter perspective.

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