Where are you on the timeline toward your dream manifestation? Are you stumbling along the path? Or perhaps you've made great strides in recent years? Regardless of your current state, you've most likely encountered stagnation at one point or another. And, as you may have experienced, along with it comes an avalanche of negative self-talk, disappointments, and, most harmful of all, confusion about your purpose in life. 

This kind of melancholy that sends you drifting aimlessly through life is nothing to be ashamed of, and there's a good explanation of why it happens and how to conquer it.

Alchemist, sometimes it feels like we're up against the world. It's almost as if every movement we make meets with greater resistance than we could ever overcome. And when we finally get some ground on our ambitions and dreams, the energy seems to zap right out of our being, leaving us helpless long before we even begin to approach the finish line.

But the truth is that life is not our enemy, far from it. Life is only a reflection of our inner state; whether the glass is half-empty or half-full is a decision we make.

Sun Tzu states in The Art of War, "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." The only issue is most people know neither themselves nor their enemy. For the truth is, Alchemist, on every battlefield, the only real enemy is ourselves.

The world does not pick and choose winners according to some unknowable whim. Only those who choose to see reality for what it is, a mirror reflecting their inner world, come out on top.

Negative emotions and thoughts come to us with an air of logic. They are entities, almost separate in consciousness from us, attempting to convince us of their wisdom. In the world of futurists, the pessimist always gives off the smartest-sounding predictions. "The world will end in another ten years," they'll say. And that, of course, sounds important to everyone. However, saying "the world will continue to exist for another thousand years" is much less fascinating.

Ignore the pessimist in your mind and listen closely to the quiet voice of your spirit. Its voice is soft and timid but can always be heard when sitting in the stillness of your being. Let that voice guide you and step into the role of your higher self. 

Make inspiration your closest friend, Alchemist, and walk steadily down the path it takes you on with the certainty that it is correct.

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