It's ​time we have the talk.

No, not about the facts of life or where babies come from. What we need to discuss is that mess of an inner world you have going on.​​​​​

​Your intentions are all over the place!

Whenever you try to manifest something, a signal is carried by the strength and clarity of your intentions and sent out into the universe. When your intentions are focused on too many things, the force-velocity towards manifesting your true desires becomes weakened.

We designed our modern society to be dependent upon the siphoning of other people's intentions. Everywhere we go, our thoughts drift off into the machinations of others, whether that be television, social media, or even just distracting conversations.

And if that weren't bad enough, we also can't seem to focus on singular desires long enough to actualize them.

We also lose our attracting potency when we hold conflicting intentions. For example, a person who wants to manifest a love life yet also frequently fantasizes about having more alone time will have trouble attracting either outcome.

If you had difficulty in manifesting something, try and review the exact specifications of your desired outcome.

We recommend writing your goal down, which will help you see it in a physical and organized way. You may immediately notice after writing out your desires that you have not thoroughly thought them out.

Spend some time alone in meditation and imagine the details contained within your desired manifestation. Focus your intentions, allow them to form around your most inspiring and deep-rooted beliefs.

In time, the results from your focused and detailed thoughts will appear.

Without all the background noise, you will begin to understand yourself better, and the next steps on your manifestation journey will reveal themselves.
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