Good day, Fellow Alchemists:

Alchemist, there is an endless amount of things that can hurt you in this world but nothing can have as much of a palpable effect on you than the genuine ill intentions of other people.

Sadly for us, it is quite abundant.

Hate can seep into us deeply, making us physically and emotionally sick. And what’s worse, it’s contagious. As if it were a living organism, negative emotions leap from one person to another, feeding off their energy and will power. We channel our negative energy into others almost instinctively. It is usually the first thing we think of doing once infected by it.

What does that mean for us, then? Must we be subjected to an endless cycle of anger and contempt?

The answer is...you guessed it! No, obviously. 

What we are missing in moments of hostility or hatred is the lesson being presented to us. It is an immense opportunity for us to grow spiritually when confronted by negativity. Most people think it’s best to turn away from someone whose sole intention is to hurt you, but a true adept of the spirit will feel no scorn when lashed at.

Have you ever wondered why turn the other cheek is such a popular axiom? It is a notion shared by all religions and cultures around the world - to forgive those that hurt you.

Forgiveness is like a superpower. Once you have it mastered, you’re invincible. Instead of retaliating against hate, you will be able to see it for what it is - a disease of an unconscious mind.

This will free you from identifying with the negative emotions that come at you, which will develop your propensity for compassion. As strong as the need to promulgate the negative feeling to other is, you cannot let your programming control your actions.

Rise above the knee-jerk reactions of the ego.

Find your true strength through forgiveness and compassion to others.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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