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It is said that humans did not create mathematics; we merely discovered them. The same can be said of all Universal laws that dictate our reality. Within these laws, an indescribable connection unfolds, which connects them to our daily lives. This connection works to sustain the balance among all occurrences in every dimension. Math and geometry are expressions of that balance, and by studying them, we can use their intricate makeup to manipulate the laws of physics to our advantage.

This is currently a reality on every level of our interactions with the Universe.

For example, medicine uses principles of chemistry and biology to return our bodies to a balanced state. Satellites utilize the airwaves to pass energy into receivers in order to transmit information. And, of course, Law of Attraction practitioners use our thoughts to manifest specific outcomes into our field of perception. The existing laws of the Universe are responsible for all these phenomenons.

Once we decide to search beyond our perception, then we can start identifying laws that affect us without our knowledge. Some of these laws, while not showing themselves to us directly, can be found within mathematics.

Nikola Tesla, a genius inventor, discovered such a law and was determined to live his life by it. Tesla believed that the most important numbers in the Universe are 3, 6, and 9. Due to their immense connection with all other number systems, these three numbers are said to hold the key to the Universe. Tesla, himself, carried out his daily activities while guided by these numbers. He was rumored to only stay at hotel rooms bearing numbers that added up to 3, 6, or 9. He cleaned his house using exactly 18 towels (1+8= 9) and other such odd quirks.

Many people took an interest in this strange obsession and now study the secrets of these three numbers under the name Vortex Math. This mathematical system has many interesting mysteries. Should any resonate with you, you may wish to consider delving deeper into this subject.

If numbers aren't your thing, then possibly consider studying up on the Egyptians' form of esoteric science, which may speak more to the intuitive-minded amongst us.

The ancient Egyptians had a strong grasp of Sacred Geometry, which we've discussed in previous posts. Everything in their culture, including the pyramids, incorporated aspects of Sacred Geometry, which artificially emulated the powers of nature. Some theories even suggest that the pyramids could have been some kind of free energy generator or even a conduit for establishing the human consciousness grid around the planet.

Regardless of their specific purpose, it is clear to see that not only scientists, but ancient spiritual masters, as well, understood the significance of these unobservable principles of nature. They were acutely aware that they had real-world applications.

In the years to come, humanity may begin to open up doors to new discoveries that will catapult us into the future.

By breaking down the boundaries between science and spirituality we could, one day, become a civilization more connected to the spiritual and scientific realm than our predecessors.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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