Good day, fellow Alchemists:

Science, through all its successes and innovations, has inadvertently pushed the concept of the spirit and the Divine out of the realm of importance and credibility. This happened gradually. While humanity was only beginning to wake up and exit the paradigm of control brought on by the dark ages, a dichotomy arose: On one end of the spectrum, there was a great emphasis put on the material world and what we could achieve as a species, while on the other, an equally dogmatic approach, authorized by religious institutions, was implemented for connecting with the Divine.

We had no way of connecting the concept of spirit, which was arbitrarily taught by the church, and the new ideas given to us by Newtonian Physics. Thus, society developed away from what was invisible to the observer and chose to focus our efforts away from spiritual life in pursuit of conquering nature. But by not including the concept of divinity in our science, gaps of understanding were created.

This becomes apparent when we learn about genetics. Science has only now come to understand that our DNA can be turned on and off depending on our environment. We once thought of our DNA as a prison which we are subjected to when, in reality, we are in control of what sequences get turned on and off. Everything from genetic disease to hair loss may be dependent on our external environment and even our mental well-being.

Genes can be seen as the physical expression of the soul by which our higher-selves create bodies for us to experience the third-dimension. If we utilize the spiritual teachings available to us, we can use the manifesting powers of the soul to affect our physical bodies by changing our genetic code. We have the ability to heal and adapt to any situation by changing our state of mind. Meditation is a helpful tool for creating a sense of wellness and security, which has also been proven to alter the body.

By using meditation techniques, we can change our internal environment to support the activation of better DNA. With our minds at peace and our spirit awoken, we can avoid creating genetic diseases and activate only the positive gene expressions. Through taking the reins of our conscious minds and incorporating old wisdom with modern science, we can lead ourselves to a future free of disease and biological disharmony.

Awareness of our own divine origins can change everything we thought we knew about nature and push us into the next level of human evolution.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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