Good day, fellow Alchemists:

With the passing of the blue moon, the intense cosmic energies of renewal have finally stabilized, and a realigning of our natural state-of-being is possible, now with even more spiritual awareness and connection to truth.

If you had any feelings of disconnection or negativity recently, it may have been due to this last lunar phase. As we have learned from the Seven Hermetic Principles, in order for something to rise, it must first fall. What some of us have just experienced is akin to a kind of spiritual contraction coming in waves; after the pain, comes a new life.

In other words, everything sunk inwards so that it may expand outwards at a greater volume.

It is always during times of great spiritual upheaval that we find ourselves unable to jump-start our initial desire for a fulfilling life; as if we are not living in a Universe comprised of pure unconditional love. During states like these, we enter a denser reality. Much of the wisdom we acquired through teachers and our own experiences are let go because of this feeling of jadedness.

The severity of this sort of apathy is different for everyone, however, it does make one wonder why we can go from love and light to a dark night of the soul in a matter of a couple of days.

The reason is possibly due to a form of spiritual amnesia. It is somewhat disappointing to admit, but humans forget quite easily. We can run around rampant with negative energy trying to ruin everything around us until a reminder comes along to show us how beautiful life is and the infinite potential for good that is present because of our existence. We must learn to recognize when we are in these amnesiac states and return ourselves to consciousness.

Life can be messy and our emotions are easily swayed, but if we become aware of the happenings of our daily lives from a spiritual perspective, we can begin to choose our own destiny, rather than falling into it.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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