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Amongst all the debates had in the modern world, the most emotionally charged arguments often occur between atheists and theists. More specifically, these debates happen between those from a spiritual and scientific background.

One side views the world objectively, relying on observation and consistently provable phenomena to define the nature of reality; this would be the scientific perspective. In contrast, the spiritual perspective adheres to personal experience and emphasizes the importance of what is felt, rather than what can be observed.

Our society has a tendency to put things into categories to assist our understanding of abstract concepts. We do this with everything, and matters of the soul are no exception. Along the way, we began to view spirit and science as two ideologies that directly oppose one another. Now, we have trapped science and spirit in a one cannot be true unless the other is false sort of paradigm. This limits the possibility of seeing where the two perspectives may overlap, which could further our understanding on how the Universe works as a whole.

It has been said that the belief in a soul and a creator were, in a sense, our first scientific breakthrough. Of course, this perspective is not easily accepted by most people.​

Without all the advancements in technology that only now exists, it is no wonder why prehistoric man would create beliefs that had no basis in reality.

This would be the scientific perspective discrediting spiritual beliefs on a logical basis. What the scientific perspective fails to notice is the amount of deep contemplation that has gone into all religious beliefs. A sense of inspiration may have been invoked within us, carrying us out of the dark ages in an attempt to reach the light of divinity in our own way.

Likewise, spiritual practitioners also lack perspective on how science is inherently a spiritual mission. As we discussed in the previous post, the discovery of math was like discovering divinity expressing itself in the physical world through patterns and shapes. (Fibinoci spiral, the flower of life, vortex math)

Science can also support concepts like The Law Of Attraction through experiments done in the field of quantum physics. One such experiment, known as the ​​quantum slit experiment, showed how our observation of reality directly affects the state of matter at the quantum level. This can be thought of as scientific evidence that our thoughts shape reality.

Many more examples exist of science and spirituality merging together as a single field of study.​By opening our minds up to new ideas, we can begin to unify what was once thought of as separate.

After all, spirituality and science are both about digging deep into what is and uncovering inherent and lasting truths about the meaning of our existence.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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