When we take a closer look at specific events that have unfolded in our lives, it may make us wonder why they transpired the way they did.

Perhaps we were fixated on a particular hobby or on an idea of journeying somewhere, revealing aspects of our personality that are so innate to us, we don't notice how they move us through life so systematically.

We also may feel bonded with people, regardless if we feel a positive connection with them at all. And, of course, it's the negative connections that we find creeping back into our lives through strange and repetitive cycles.

It's almost as if life has some predetermined plan for us, and straying off the path only leads us back to where we started.

We are not arguing in favor of determinism, nor are we opposing it. It is only an observation of what occurs to most of us living in the third dimension.

However, if we zoom out of the physical and into the spiritual realm, we can follow the nexuses that lead to our signatures on our life's contract.

Alchemist, all the experiences we undergo are pre-life decisions we have made, known as soul contracts. Thus, everything from our name's numerology, the constellations in the sky, and the exact moment of incarnation into this world play a tremendous role in where our lives lead.

We emit a unique frequency akin to our spirit that is present across all dimensions of life.

Just as we manifest the life we want consciously, our spirit also manifested a contract in which it would receive the experiences it wants from life.

It may not be easy to accept that we chose some of the less appealing aspects of life, but we must remember that life is a classroom and not a test.

We came here to learn from this third-dimensional experience. Having soul contracts doesn't mean certain things are set in stone for us, only that a path is open for growing as spiritual beings.

We may even enact new contracts throughout our life to better accomplish the goals we had in mind before being born.

If we follow the wisdom of our spirit, we may learn its ways of thinking, which will elevate our consciousness enough to see through the cycles that happen within our lives and overcome our challenges.
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