It may be harsh, Alchemist, but it's true. Our sincerest wish is that you fail all your upcoming projects that are nothing more than distractions from your divine purpose. It will also bring us great joy if your employer fires you from that job you don't stop complaining about daily, which of course, you unfaithfully reassure yourself that you need to keep doing in order to survive.

And before you try tirelessly to fix a broken relationship that just isn't working, we hope it disappears before your very eyes, without a trace. No number to call in the middle of the night or social media to keep an eye on. Just you and your thoughts alone.

Here at Alchemy by LA, we are all rooting against you.

That is, against your progression down a path that is not meant for you and brings nothing but dissatisfaction. May your whole world crumble down on top of you, leaving nothing but your innate soul urges intact, and your spirit guides to follow.

Alchemist, just in case you're not getting it, we aren't picking on you. Failure is a scary word, especially in the LOA community. None of us want to imagine that we can't manifest what we truly desire or, worse yet, unwanted, possibly frightening experiences.

However, we can't ignore the ebb and flow of life. Sometimes we must be pushed off into the void to see how far down it goes. And that powerful gust of wind against our backs can come in many forms; failure, rejection, and jadedness are all its many faces.

Let go of fear. Release the idea of what you think you need to be and have faith that you will be cared for by the universe. Most of all, faith in the unknown is needed while sailing through the night.
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