While partaking in the everyday happenings of life in the third dimension, we develop a certain level of trust in existence. We go to sleep with the certainty that the sun will rise when we wake up, and not a single person has been proven wrong.

However, no matter how much we may feel the world is real, the true reality is only energy vibrating at different frequencies. Of course, that includes our existence as well. We, too, are but fragments of the whole. A harmonic melody played at a cosmic scale, giving birth to the sensation of being alive.

The way in which consciousness navigates through its ever-changing experiences is similar to how a great story unfolds. While random events can always occur, in the story of life, there's logic to the plot, and it follows a framework based on the viewer's expectations.

Therein lies the secret, Alchemist. What one expects to be true will usually affect reality and shape the plot of their life. If every day you expect to run into the same kind of occurrences, regardless if they're wanted or not, the odds are likely that you will continue to experience them.

Many of these experiences are beyond your immediate control, or so you'd think. However, as a practitioner of the law of attraction, you understand that the power of the mind and intention can transcend the physical world's limitations. By focusing your thoughts and intentions on your desired reality, you can manifest it into existence.

Alchemist, it is crucial to carefully examine your thoughts and identify which beliefs and expectations create your current reality. It's not easy to break out of the logic of your story. But once you do, a necessary message behind your manifesting journey will reveal itself.

That reality doesn't require you to comprise.

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